Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Berlin


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An individual practice in a group setting for all levels – at the border of Neukölln and Kreuzberg.


Monday to Friday:  7 – 10
Sunday: 10 – 12

Yoga School Berlin
Yogaloft auf 2 Etagen
Hasenheide 8
10967 Berlin
Remise im 1. Hinterhof


What is Mysore style?

Mysore style is the traditional way in which the Ashtanga Yoga system is taught and learned. The Mysore method develops a sense of independence within students, allowing them to go deeper into themselves and thereby find their own inner teacher. Classes include a mixture of students from various levels: beginners and advanced students practice side-by-side creating a unique environment.

Traditionally this style is practiced 6 days a week, although coming at least 3 times a week is also a good start. Consistency is a very important aspect of the practice: only through constant repetition can the benefits really be reaped. 

How does it work?

Students are guided individually. They are being taught progressively one posture at a time, in their own pace, synchronizing each movement with the rhythm of their own breath. While the practice is geared to suit the individual’s needs, it occurs in a group context, hence allowing students to benefit from, as well as support, each other through the collective energy generated. 

The practice takes place in the mornings and the lesson are “open”, which means that students can come whenever it suits them best, and they may leave when they wish, bearing in mind the amount of time needed to conclude the practice. Beginners will usually require between 30 to 45min.

Who can come?

Mysore classes are suitable for all levels of practice, and especially for beginners. The teacher is there to assist and introduce students to the basic principles of the practice step by step.


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